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Rudolfina Redoute (Masc Ball)

Rudolfina Redoute Logo

Location / Adress:

Imperial Palace (Hofburg)
Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna


  • Entrance: 20:00
  • Opening: 21:00
  • Quadrille: 00:00
  • End: 04:30


The Rudolfina-Redoute is the oldest, most traditional ball organized by a student fraternity. Of the many Redoutes that once took place, the Rudolfina-Redoute is the only one that still survives today. Redoute means ‘masked ball’ where the ladies, who come alone or with a partner, wear a mask and can invite the men to dance.

Ladies must wear a mask until midnight, whether they have a partner or not. The mask should cover the face fully or partly, in the style of the famous operetta “Die Fledermaus”. In the main hall, it is Ladies’ Choice until the midnight Quadrille is danced. After the midnight Quadrille, the ladies lift their masks and it is Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s choice until the ball ends at 05.00 a.m.

The ball-organisator asks all ladies to please wear a mask, and not to lift it before midnight. It is a long tradition that they are proud to maintain. The masks are an essential part of the atmosphere of the Rudolfina Redoute.



  • Long evening gown with mask
  • Pantsuits, cocktail dress, traditional costume etc. are NOT PERMITTED.


  • Black tail with white bow tie
  • Tuxedo with black bow tie
  • Uniform (only officially and currently used)

The following clothes and accessories are not permitted:

  • ties, neckties and cravats
  • kilts, cut, coloured tails or jackets, historical uniforms or fancy dress
  • masks for men