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Vienna Coffeehouse Owners’ Ball

Kaffeesiederball Logo

Location / Adress:

Imperial Palace (Hofburg)
Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna


  • Entrance: 19:30
  • Opening: 21:00
  • Quadrille: 00:00
  • End: 04:30


The traditional ball of Viennese Coffee House Owners, the Vienna Coffeehouse Owners’ Ball (Wiener Kaffeesiederball), takes place every year in the Hofburg Palace, Vienna. Approximately 5,500 guests attend the event which is considered one of the largest and most important of the Viennese ball season. Here, modern artistic performance meets classic ball tradition. Visitors of this event have two things in common: the love for the Viennese Coffeehouses and enjoyment of life.

This ball is highly appreciated by the local population because of its typically Viennese ambiance and is virtually regarded as a smaller version of the Opera Ball. It is the only ball to use all the ballrooms in the Hofburg, including the refurbished Redoutensäle and the elegant roof foyer with its view over night time Vienna.


Ladies: Floor-length evening dresses
Gentlemen: Tailcoat (with decoration), tuxedo or uniform