The BlueRose Gentlemen of Vienna.

Book a dancing partner / taxi dancer for Viennese Balls

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Do you want to dance at a Viennese Ball? Rent a dancing partner / taxi dancer

The BlueRose is a Viennese gentlemen’s club for well chosen, well mannered and well educated men with dancing skills, who can be hired as dancing partners / taxi dancers for Viennese Balls (Details: What is a Taxi Dancer?).

Dependent on which Viennese Ball you want to visit, you can choose between different BlueRose Viennese Ball packages:

Early Bookers

Summerprices till 20.09.2016

Until 20.09.2016 we provide for all Dance-Packages our cheap summerprices. Benefit from an early booking! We looking forward to dance with you on a wonderful Viennese Ball.

Hire a dancing BlueRose Gentleman as your taxi dancer for a Viennese Ball

A warm welcome!

With BlueRose Lex Lewis

Vienna has the biggest ball culture in the world. It would be an honour for us to be your dancing partner and show you the cultural dancing highlight of Vienna.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

(President of the BlueRose Gentlemen)

Book a BlueRose Viennese Ball Package:

Just Hours of Dance Package

You already have 2 tickets for a specific Viennese Ball and just need a BlueRose Gentleman as dancing partner for 3 to 8 hours? Just book a BlueRose HOURS of Dance Package (This package doesn’t include any tickets for a Viennese Ball).

Brilliant Ball Package

Visit the world famous Vienna Opera Ball with a BlueRose Gentleman as your dancing partner.